• Via Privata Passarella-Duomo
    Via Privata Passarella      Duomo
  • Via Lamarmora-Porta Romana
    Via Lamarmora      Porta Romana
  • Via Paolo Frisi-Porta Venezia
    Via Paolo Frisi      Porta Venezia
  • Viale Montenero-Porta Romana
    Viale Montenero      Porta Romana
  • Via Madonnina-Brera
    Via Madonnina      Brera

“… at choove we mainly provide services for not resident people who wish to spend a period of time in Milano. We do very short term accommodation with Apartment-Hotel in Duomo and Brera; we provide short term rentals with selected apartments within the Cerchia dei Bastioni (ancient city walls); we also offer consultancy for the ones who want to buy a property in Milan.”